There are three main sections to this site:

What's New

The latest updates:

  • I redid my Projects page and added documentation on my Laravel packages.
  • I have put the translation code I wrote for this site into a Laravel package, escuccim/translate.
  • I made a Laravel package from the code I wrote for my blog. There is more info on this here.
  • The site is completely translated into French, with the exception of the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.
  • I am starting to translate this site into French. There should be little drop-down in the navbar to select the language, or you can visit fr.skoo.ch.
  • I added data from Discogs to my Record Collection. Almost all of the records now have a link to more detailed info on Discogs.com and a thumbnail image I pull from Discogs.
  • I made an API for my record collection data and documented it.